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While it’s been known for decades that cognitive impairment is caused by the loss of connections between the neurons in the brain, neuroscientists were stumped at how to reverse this loss.

Then there was the key discovery that helped crack the mystery, which resulted from neuroscience research at Stanford and the Center for Learning and Memory at MIT that began in the late 1990s and continues to this day.

This discovery, a new supplement called L-TAMS, has been published in top peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, showing:
  • A compound called L-TAMS increases neuronal connections, also known as synaptic density, in lab animals as a result of which they learned faster and remembered longer.
  • L-TAMS was tested in a double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trial, and shown to increase the brain performance of older adults after just 12 weeks of intake.
  • FDA has deemed L-TAMS to be safe for human use, and more than 10,000 people are taking it today with great results.
Note in this graph, you can see that L-TAMS increases the number of neuronal connections “before” and “after” its intake.

While this second graph reveals the effects of L-TAMS on brain performance in humans after taking it for just 12 weeks.

If you’ve experienced brain fog, you know how valuable it is to you to enjoy your life having mental clarity, improved cognition, enhanced memory, and sharpened thinking.

Through this life-changing formula - you can regain your synapses and clarity like so many before you.

ClariMem® is the only supplement clinically shown to rejuvenate brain function as demonstrated by the only gold-plated human trial results published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.
ClariMem® Works
With ClariMem®, I feel more engaged and effective at work. I have better focus and can communicate more incisively at meetings. I can more easily comprehend complex topics presented by colleagues, and my ability to conceive ideas for troubleshooting difficult procedures seems enhanced.

Christopher J. Winchell, Ph.D.
Associate Specialist in evolution and development
Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, U.C. Berkeley
ClariMem® Helps My 91 Year-Old Husband
At age 91, my husband has been experiencing severe cognitive impairment for awhile. Since taking Clari-Mem his memory loss has not progressed further. His mood is more relaxed, he's in a better state of mind now, and during the day he's more attentive to what's going on. He's also resting much better at night.

Ann Seter
ClariMem® Is Amazing
Since I've been taking ClarMem I've been feeling so much better. I figure out solutions to problems faster, sleep better, and feel sharper on the job.
My reflexes seem quicker....and I am able to concentrate better when talking to clients.
ClariMem is amazing.

Ohen Afriyie
Senior Consultant, IT Security & Forensics

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